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Babypro Sports brings you Baby DVD and Baby Video Series

Babypro brings you a baby dvd and baby video series. Babypro believes a child's interest in sports and active play should be cultivated from infancy. Studies show that babies who play actively are often healthier because physical activity reduces the possibility of developing childhood obesity, Type II diabetes, and high blood pressure. Further, movement and exercise benefit little bodies by building flexibility and strength, and help develop muscle coordination, gross motor skills, body awareness and self-esteem. Research shows that fostering the enjoyment of movement and motor skill confidence at an early age will help ensure later participation in physical activity. Babypro hopes that active babies will grow up to become active adults, and our slogan reinforces that desire, “Encouraging active play...for a lifetime!” 1994-2004: Traditional "Baby TV" • baby dvd entertains babies and toddlers • Toy imagery and stationary objects: trees, etc. on baby video • Soothing music on baby video designed to pacify • Cognitive learning through words and puppets on baby video • Description of imagery - "A red ball" • Overly saturated colors and animation • 45-60 minute baby dvd uninterrupted full-length baby video • Results in passive TV viewing • Focuses on preschool-level learning only 2005: Babypro - A New Genre of "Baby TV" • Inspires babies and toddlers • Best Baby Gift • Feet running, hands splashing, babies playing • Exhilarating overtures & marches designed to activate • Learning through active word sequences • Activity-inspiring imagery- Run! Kick! Swim! Splash! • True-life colors and real-life sports play • Chapters to control viewing time (10-35 minutes) • Promotes activity both during and after the program • Healthy baby learning opportunities - for a lifetime! Buy baby videos online.

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Babypro Philosophy: Babypro believes a child’s interest in sports and active play should be cultivated from infancy. Babypro has a series of baby dvd and a series of baby video. Mom invented product.

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Using Babypro Products and baby dvd healthy baby video. Babypro understands that the brains and bodies of our little viewers are still developing, and Babypro has created our baby video series to enhance this special time and a baby dvd series. In recent years research has shown that classical music, because of its complex musical structure, stimulates a baby’s brain and increases cognitive functions such as spatial reasoning and memory. Studies show that babies as young as three months can pick out classical music structure and can even recognize classical music selections they have heard before on baby video. Babypro wants your baby dvd to have every cognitive advantage, so each of our baby video incorporates beautifully orchestrated classical scores, including dramatic marches and exhilarating overtures designed to stimulate brain activity and to activate and energize the bodies of even our youngest audience. Babypro realizes that a baby’s first four years are filled with an abundance of opportunities for cognitive growth. Little minds constantly seek new and interesting stimuli, and Babypro videos are designed to provide them with just the right amount of teaching time.

Each baby video introduces babies and toddlers to real-world objects such as baseballs, basketballs, and soccer balls on the baby dvd.

These images on the baby dvd come to life in front of your child, offering a multi-sensory introduction to active play. Babies are also exposed to language progression on the baby video through the repetition of basic words and phrases such as “Baseball,” “Hit the baseball,” and “Catch the baseball.” View baby basketball video. These animated word sequences in the baby dvd combine cognitive learning with physical concepts, providing a mentally stimulating and physically engaging experience for babies. Babypro videos are created to visually enhance the world of our littlest viewers with the baby video. Most sports imagery is quick-paced and features many players, a format which is difficult for babies to follow. Healthy baby product Babypro videos are characterized by bright, vivid sports imagery and slow-motion action sequences that are easier on babies’ eyes. Also, because babies’ brains can become accustomed to the beauty of computer-generated imagery and overly saturated colors, making real-life imagery seem dull in comparison, Babypro videos feature only true color and real-life action on the baby dvd. Furthermore, Babypro knows that babies enjoy watching other babies so our videos feature adorable infants and toddlers engaging in many kinds of active play. Finally, Babypro videos are uniquely designed to offer as few as ten minutes of uninterrupted programming or as much as 35-minutes of full-length programming. This unique baby video format allows Babypro to satisfy a child’s viewing desires at various ages and stages while enabling parents to select more or less viewing time based on their child’s attention span.

Babypro encourage you to watch Babypro videos along with your child, providing learning opportunities along the way with our baby video

Follow the ball across the screen with your finger, bounce to the music together, or narrate the plays of the game on the baby dvd. But most importantly, when the baby video is over, take time to run, jump and play with your child. After all, the most important thing you can do to promote a healthy and active lifestyle is to be an active role model. The Creators, Lara and Todd Needham, natives of Kentucky, are the co-founders of the Babypro video series, and the parents of two healthy and active little boys. After the birth of their first child in 2001, Lara and Todd realized that baby video entertainment for babies was largely focused on mental engagement, yet offered very little physical stimulation. Being health-conscious sports enthusiasts, they wanted their children to watch baby dvd programming which conveyed their passion for physical activity. Therefore, after two years of reading baby video articles, observing children at play, watching numerous baby dvd, researching society and sports, and scoping the marketplace for new and innovative ideas, Lara and Todd began conceptualizing a new genre of “baby TV,” one which combined cognitive learning with physical concepts. Production for this baby video series began in 2003 and the first Babypro video, “Let’s Play Ball," was released in 2004. “Rhythm and Dance" and "Water Sports" will be released in early 2005. Prior to developing the Babypro video series, Lara and Todd lived in Los Angeles and New York City, where Todd worked in television production and Lara completed her Ph.D. in health communication. As the producers and creators of this series, and more importantly, as the parents of two energetic little boys, Lara and Todd Needham believe that physical activity is a key component of a child’s health and wellness. Lara and Todd stand by the values that the BABYPRO video series promotes for their family... and yours. “We wholeheartedly believe in this baby video series and feel it has tremendous benefits for all babies and toddlers. It is our hope that each baby dvd inspires children to live healthy lives filled with many opportunities for active play.”

The Baby DVD series is accompanied with a baby video series available also from Babypro

Baby dvd and baby video series from Babypro promotes an active lifestyle in babies, toddlers, and children..